NEW Alijos Lever Drag Reels by Okuma

The Alijos 2-Speed Lever Drag reels are a light weight, compact bodied big fish stopping machine. This reel is built for 6061-T6 machined aluminum for the ultimate in strength. The 1-pice frame continues around to the non handle side, side plate which has a magnetic cast control for precision spool control. The spool bearings are bathed in TSI oil giving it the ultimate in castability and frees spool. The Alijos reels feature a longer 90mm handle harm and oversized T-bar handle knob for great torque and comfort. The clicker mechanism has been reworked to give a louder clicking sound for trolling or dead stick applications. The new 2-speed shifting mechanism has been completely reworked by Okuma giving it the ultimate in shifting. The DFD: Dual Force Drag puts out tremendous drag pressure with its 100% larger drag plates.

The Alijos Lever Drag Reels will be available in 6 different variations and sizes. There will be a 5 narrow, 5 standard, 12 narrow high speed, 12 standard, 12 high speed and a 16 standard. All of the high-speed reels will feature 6.4:1 gear ratio with the standard putting out 4.7:1 on the 12 and 4.3:1 on the 16. All Alijos reels are constructed with 17-4 Stainless steel spur cut gears for all day smoothness.

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