NEW【SLX DC】Cast & Catch with Ease! ♦ BIG Toman ♦

Join Shimano Pro Staff Nueng as he uses the NEW 【SLX DC】to catch a whoppingly big ♦ TOMAN ♦ fish with ease!

【SLX DC】reel:

● Prevents backlash ● Less thumbing ● Trouble-free casting
● Maximizes distance
● Digital Control braking system microcomputer
● Engineered to apply the PERFECT amount of brake
● "BEST Freshwater Reel" @ ICAST 2019


【Fishing Tackle】
Reel ● Shimano SLX DC

Rod ● Bantam 170H

Line ● Kairiki 8

Lure ● Bantam Loud Knocker

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